House Guidelines Template

House Rules and Expectations Worksheet

The student and host family should go through this worksheet together shortly after the student’s arrival. It should be reviewed occasionally and revised if necessary. This can help prevent any misunderstandings that can result from a lack of communication or miscommunication. The student and host family should each keep a copy of the completed form.


Host Family Schedule

Host families please discuss your typical weekday and weekend schedule with your student. (Examples: Wake up, Leave for school, dinner, etc.)




Weekday or Weekend

Frequency (Daily Weekly, Monthly)






Eaten Together/


Prepared By Host/Student










Weekend Breakfast


Weekend Lunch


Weekend Dinner



School Lunch:

  • Will the student pack or buy school lunch? (Note: If the student chooses to buy school lunch, it is the student’s responsibility to pay for his/her own lunch).

  • If packing a lunch for school, who makes the lunch?

  • Where can food be eaten? (Note: AmeriStudent does not permit students to eat in their room)


Kitchen Chores:


  • Who sets the table?

  • Who clears the table?

  • Who does the dishes?

  • Who cooks the meals?

  • Who cleans up after snacks or self prepared meals?




  • Who will wash the student’s laundry (sorting, washing, drying, folding, ironing, hand washing)?

  • Where should dirty laundry be put?

  • Are there set days when laundry should be done?

  • Is there a special place for hand-wash items to be washed/dried?




  • Is there a morning bathroom schedule?

  • What is considered a “long time” to spend in the bathroom?

  • Is it okay to have water on the floor? On the counter?

  • What should be used to clean up water?

  • Is there a bathroom cleaning schedule?

  • What cleaning supplies are needed? Where are they stored?




  • Where should trash be placed? Where should trash be taken when the can is full?

  • Who is responsible to clean the student’s room? How often?

  • Where are cleaning supplies located and how to use them - vacuum cleaner, dust cloth, etc.?


Additional House Rules and Expectations:


  • What time does the student need to be ready to leave for school?

  • What time will the family pick the student up? Where should the student wait to be picked up?

  • Does the student have different school related sports or activities that they will need to schedule transportation?