AmeriStudent Student Code of Conduct High School Students and Younger 2019-2020

Student Code of Conduct

High School Students and Younger


Note: This policy is subject to change at any time. Please check all AmeriStudent Policies on a regular basis for updates.

Congratulations on choosing to participate in a Homestay organized by the AmeriStudent, LLC (AmeriStudent). This Student Code of Conduct sets out the guidelines and expectations for behavior that apply to Students participating in a Homestay, and it should be read together with the AmeriStudent Student Agreement as applicable. The Student Code of Conduct, has been developed by Ameristudent, LLC to ensure the safety and well-being of all students participating in the Ameristudent, LLC Program (“Program”). All capitalized terms have the same meaning as defined in the agreements, and the terms of the agreements will apply to the extent of any inconsistency with this policy. The Student is required to fully abide by the rules, regulations and standards of conduct set forth herein.

Please read through this policy carefully and contact us at if you have any questions.

AmeriStudent’s Role:

  1. AmeriStudent will take reasonable steps to assist Hosts and Students in the event of an emergency or other issue and will answer any questions you have about AmeriStudent’s services. Students and Hosts have access to 24/7 support through AmeriStudent’s after hours’ emergency line – 855-385-0911.
  2. In keeping with the provisions of the agreements, AmeriStudent is committed to creating positive outcomes for all Homestay participants and may act to remove a Student from a Homestay or take any other action it deems to be in the best interests of the Student, Host or AmeriStudent at any time. AmeriStudent will make every attempt to assist if emergency accommodation is required.
  3. For more information about AmeriStudent Services please see your Student Agreement (as applicable), visit our website or contact us.


Both hosts and Students must:

  1. Treat each other and every other person in the Home in a fair, respectful and polite manner. This means being considerate of other peoples’ feelings and needs and includes things like not touching any person or their personal property without their permission, keeping your environment clean and tidy and saying thank you to someone who does something for you.
  2. Understand that your customs or beliefs may be different to those of your Host or Student. Have an open mind. One of the most important benefits of a Homestay is ‘cultural exchange’ – the chance to learn about someone else’s experiences and values. All participants need to be treated with respect, including when carrying out reasonable cultural or religious practices in the Home. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable.
  3. Work together to make the Homestay a success. It is very important that both Students and Hosts make an effort to communicate clearly and effectively about important matters and cooperate to resolve any misunderstandings or issues that might arise. It takes contribution from both sides to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment within the Home. Make sure that you provide your Student or Host with current contact details and any other important information about you they should know, and be careful not to share any information you receive with anyone else without the Student or Hosts’ permission.

Student Obligations:

To ensure that all enrolled students remain safe, in-status, and successful, Ameristudent has established the following expectations for all enrolled students.

Abide by United States Law

The following are some behaviors prohibited by the United States laws, which is provided by Ameristudent for your information:

  1. The Student will not consume alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other illegal drugs of any kind. For the sake of the Student's safety, the Student is not permitted to possess any firearms or weapons of any kind. The student will not associate with any person involved with controlled substances or firearms.
  2. The Student will not exhibit, threaten, or commit any violent or dangerous behavior, or act in an aggressive manner toward another person, property, or financial security.
  3. The Student will not steal, damage, or embezzle another person's property.
  4. The Student will not view, share, or download sexually explicit materials, via any print or electronic device, including photos of himself or herself.
  5. The Student will not reproduce, copy, or use any unauthorized or copyrighted material (book, recording, television program, patented invention, trademarked product, etc.), in violation of the law. This includes illegal downloading of media.
  6. It is against the law in many states for students over the age of 18 to have a sexual relationship with any person under the age of 18.

Respect Host Family Life

  1. Cover certain costs. Students should ask the Hosts’ permission before using their telephone or internet services and expect to pay the cost of your telephone calls. You will be expected to cover your own travel, entertainment and medical expenses as well as any other personal costs that come up during your Homestay. If the student causes any damage to the Home, the student will be expected to pay for repairs.
  2. Comply with any reasonable ‘house rules’ the Host gives. These may include:
    1. Keeping your room tidy;
    2. Assisting with minor chores;
    3. Following the state and/or federal guidelines for recycling and disposal of waste products
    4. Using resources such as water and electricity responsibly;
    5. Keeping noise to a minimum;
    6. Attending meal times promptly and preparing your own breakfast and lunch (if required);
    7. Being polite and considerate at all times; and
    8. Keeping your Host advised of your schedule and activities.
  3. The Student agrees to respect the Host Family's lifestyle and actively participate in family activities. The Student and natural parents are encouraged to communicate with program staff members with any concerns they may have.
  4. The Student and Parent acknowledge that the Student is a guest in the Host Family's home. The Host Family is expected to reasonably respect the Student's privacy and boundaries, but are able to access the room in order to fulfill the responsibilities of hosting including keeping the Student safe. The Host Family may ask to see or restrict the Student's possessions in order to maintain a safe environment and positive behavior within their home. This includes the contents of packages shipped to the host family home.
  5. The Student is required to compensate the Host Family for damage to the host family home beyond a reasonable level of wear-and-tear. The reasonableness of wear-and-tear and amount of compensation will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Ameristudent will coordinate compensation for hosts whose property has been damaged.
  6. The Student will not become involved in a romantic or physical relationship with any member of the Host Family. If the Student experiences any inappropriate or uncomfortable behavior, then the Student will report it immediately to the Ameristudent Local Coordinator or any other representative of Ameristudent.
  7. To avoid any unnecessary dispute about the Student's property, Ameristudent strongly suggests the Student bring valuable belongings with him/her when he/she leaves the host family's home at the end of the academic year. If it is needed, Ameristudent can help students arrange storage services from the third party with fees.
  8. The Student's Parents have the responsibility of assisting Ameristudent to help the Student follow program rules. Natural parents are encouraged to participate in calls with Ameristudent and it’s Partner Agent Representatives to support the success of their student.
  9. The Student is not allowed to bring friends, their natural parents or anyone else to the host family home without the Host Family's prior consent.
  10. Stay in contact. The student must communicate daily with your Host about their activities and notify the Host if you will be away from the Home during a mealtime or overnight. The student should immediately contact Ameristudent if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in your Homestay environment.

Internet, Cell Phone & Electronic Usage and Safety

  1. All students are required to have a working US phone while in the AmeriStudent Program. An AmeriStudent representative can help the student to obtain a cell phone or a SIM card.
  2. Ameristudent encourages the Student to create healthy habits. This includes limiting the use of electronic devices for leisure time, and to maintain healthy sleep, exercise, outdoor activity, and studying habits. The Student agrees to maintain a working United States cell phone number to communicate with Ameristudent, their Host Family and friends. The Student must remain in communication with the Host Family so the Host Family knows where the student is at all times.
  3. The Student will maintain healthy online behavior. This includes not bullying other people online by sending mean, insulting, or threatening messages or images. The Student agrees not to post or give out sensitive or private information about themselves or another person. The Student will report any such behavior to the Host Parent, and/or Local Coordinator, and/or a School Counselor, if they see others engaging in it.

Personal Life

  1. Students are expected to maintain good academic standing throughout the duration of the program. If the student falls below the academic expectations of the program, tutoring or additional services may be required, and may require an additional cost.
  2. For sake of student's safety, the Student’s under age 18 will not obtain a driver's license or permit, purchase a vehicle, or operate a motor vehicle during Program Enrollment Period. The Student will wear a seatbelt to prevent serious injury in case of an accident while traveling in any motorized vehicle according to the United States traffic
  3. The Student will be financially responsible for all school supplies.
  4. Some of the activities that the Student will attend may cost money. It is the obligation of the Student attending the activity to pay for fees related to activities.
  5. Student may not borrow money from or use the Host Family's credit card(s). Student may not open any joint account with the Host Family for the benefit of the Student, or otherwise lend their name to any bank account for the benefit of the Student. Student is required to maintain access to an international debit or credit card account that allows them to withdraw cash in the US. Prior to arrival, the Student must provided with their own international debit or credit card in case no bank account can be opened due to the Student’s age or other eligibility restrictions.
  6. The Student will not partake in any activity considered by Ameristudent to be "high-risk," including, but not limited to parachuting, scuba diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping, hunting or operating any type of motor vehicle. Partaking in any of the above mentioned activities will require prior approval from the Student's Parents and Ameristudent.
  7. The Student shall follow a travel policy for any traveling. Please refer to the Ameristudent Travel Policy explained below.


  1. The Student must carry medical insurance card and the Ameristudent emergency contact numbers at all times in case of emergency.
  2. An overnight stay at a friend's home within the Ameristudent host family community does not require travel forms, but does always require the host parents' permission. Host families are expected to exchange emergency contact numbers and address information.

Compliance: By signing this Agreement, the Student's Parents represent and warrant: (i) Student Parents have reviewed the Student Code of Conduct, and agree the Student Code of Conduct are reasonable and appropriate to ensure the proper care and safety of Student during Student’s participation in the Ameristudent Program; (ii) except as previously disclosed in writing by Student Parents to Ameristudent, Student is in sufficient physical, mental and emotional health to fully participate in all aspects of the Ameristudent Program and to meet all program requirements, including full compliance with the Student Code of Conduct. By signing this Agreement, the signing agent/parent agrees to provide Ameristudent with the following documents signed by the Student and Native Parents prior to the Enrollment Period start:

  1. Student Code of Conduct
  2. Medical Authorization
  3. Limited Power of Attorney
  4. Media Consent and Release
  5. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Failure to provide these signed documents will result in a delay of services provided.